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XC FlourFree / 45g

XC FlourFree / 45g

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XC FlourFree Yellow / 45g

XC Yellow Our warmest kick wax. If it doesn't work, then you should switch to klister. Best for coarse snow. +5 / -1 ºC.

XC FlourFree Orange / 45g

The perfect kick wax for temperatures around 0°C. +3 / -2 ºC.

XC FlourFree Red / 45g

Kick wax for all snow types. Distinct grip. 0 / -2 ºC.

XC FlourFree Purple / 45g

A versatile wax suitable for all types of snow. -1 / -9 ºC.

XC FlourFree Blue / 45g

A kick wax for coarse snow. Very durable. -3 / -10ºC.

XC FlourFree Green / 45g

For all snow types in cold conditions. Also a good overlayer on other kick waxes in abrasive snow.

XC FlourFree Base / 45g

For all temperatures.

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