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GLASS-3 Sports Sunglasses, Pink, Blue

GLASS-3 Sports Sunglasses, Pink, Blue

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GLASS-3 glasses


These sunglasses have been designed for the practice of sport. They provide optimal protection against UV as well as comfort for any outdoor sport activity.

Their polycarbonate lenses offer both strength and lightness, and their branches are designed to be non-slip, providing a good grip during movement.

So, these glasses are adapted to any climate and weather conditions.


The barnett sports glasses are sold with a protective cover.

Barnett encourages the use of the glasses for the practice of these sports: road bike, mountain bike, ski-wheels, cross-country skiing, walking, running, trail, baseball ...

Characteristics :

  • Lightness
  • Body resistant to shocks and not holding water
  • Safe glass and guaranteed anti-slip
  • Comfortable and non-slip branches
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