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BB-COMP Bat for match and practice

BB-COMP Bat for match and practice

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▲ 2 3/4 Inch Barrel Diameter.

▲ -5 Length to Weight Ratio: 32”/27oz & 33”/28oz.

Available from 32 to 33 inches, this bat is perfectly balanced with varying barrel sizes depending on the length. With a drop weight of -5, it's an ideal choice for youth batters who bring some power at the plate and also those who are ready to step up to a burlier twig.

▲ One-piece, 100% Carbon fiber baseball bat.

This one piece, fully composite model is made of military grade carbon fiber will be stiff on contact, offers a well balanced swing weight.

▲ Optimized barrel profile provides a longer and flatter barrel.

The longer barrel and light swing feel, offering greater swing efficiency and increased swing speeds.

▲ Colorway: Black/Gold

The simple artwork design give this bat an aggressive look.

▲ Lightweight Endcap Enhance swing speed

▲ Optimized Bat Grip For More Comfort And A Better Feel

▲ Alloy Knob Removes Sting & Improves Comfort


If you're looking for reliable power, championship level performance, and an increase in your batting average, the BB-COMP baseball bat is exactly what you need.


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