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BB-2 Baseball bat

BB-2 Baseball bat

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Barrel diameter :

  • 2''5/8 (6.6cm)

Length :

  • 32" (81.28cm): 29oz (822g)
  • 33" (83.82cm): 30oz (850g)
  • 34" (86.36cm): 31oz (878g)
  • Ratio: -3

This bat is perfectly balanced and maneuverable with a -3 drop, allowing you to get the barrel through the sweetspot easily, it's a choice for adults looking for good swing speed and balance. powerful strikes.

This all-aluminum one-piece baseball bat is made from a quality alloy, which includes being very strong while remaining lightweight. Aluminum allows you to send powerful shots by transmitting a lot of energy to the ball and allows an excellent lifespan.

A longer barrel that gives a very good feeling during your swing in the sweetspot offering good performance possibilities. The alloy pommel and polyurethane grip provide excellent support for your bat during use.

Colors: A metallic red and the name of the product in white which gives this bat an aggressive look.

You can find here : TECHNICAL SHEET

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