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Terra Speed ProTection - Dimension : 700x40

Terra Speed ProTection - Dimension : 700x40

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For your off-road trips. For more comfort. For the adventure. Whether for long journeys, or for your daily commute. Continental's new Terra gravel series will get you there. At ease on and off the road.

Think outside the box, choose Terra.

The perfect combination of performance, grip and puncture resistance!

The new Continental ProTection casings have never looked so good. The additional puncture protection strip makes it particularly resistant and insensitive to lesions or the penetration of foreign bodies. Tread and sidewalls are protected in the same way. However, they are 25% lighter and provide 30% more puncture protection compared to their predecessors armed with Duraskin®. In addition, they once again improve rolling resistance and damping. The new technology "made in Germany" allows them even to withstand the hardest "trails" in the world. And they still have one trump card in their pocket: they can be used universally, and they also impress with the BlackChili Compound and the attractive design of the sidewalls. The new Revolution Tubeless Ready bead makes it easier to use as a Tubeless Ready tire. For ideal sealing and processing results, we recommend using the new Continental RevoSealant sealant.

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