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RevoSealant Gel sealant 240ml / 1L

RevoSealant Gel sealant 240ml / 1L

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Revolutionary sealing!
Continental sealing products have been successfully replacing the spare wheel in cars for several years now.

This technology has been perfected to meet the requirements of bicycle tires and inner tubes.

Ammonium- and protein-free Revosealant perfectly seals punctures and small cuts without chemically attacking the tire or inner tube.

The universally applicable Revosealant is not only used for repairs, but also as an effective prevention against punctures for inner tubes, tubulars and Tubeless Ready tires so popular in mountain biking.

Optimized primarily for Continental tyres, RevoSealant can be used down to -20°Celsius.

It is essential to observe the assembly instructions provided. Instructions for use are on the right side of the page.

Available in 240ml and 1L.
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