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BRC-01 Carbon Bike Frame, White, Black

BRC-01 Carbon Bike Frame, White, Black

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The frame that we offer has been designed with a view to being able to satisfy the quest for performance by athletes but also to allow use for less committed outings (weekend walks or commuting for example).

Its aesthetics has been thought out in order to obtain a sober and unobstructed appearance. Two colors are available (see photos opposite):

- Matt white frame and black barnett.

- Matte black frame and white barnett.

We have chosen to integrate the sheaths inside the frame in order to avoid any friction of these on the frame.

⚠️ Not supplied: the press fit 71 42 bottom bracket, the 27.6 seat post and the 31.8 quick release.


Our frame comes in three sizes labeled T0 (XS), T1 (S), T2 (M) and T3 (L). See the corresponding sizes in the table below. These sizes have been determined according to the morphologies most present in the world of cyclo-sports cycling and great athletes.

Framework :

T0 (XS) : 145-160 cm

Saddle stem – Bottom bracket axle : 470 mm

Saddle stem – Fork axle : 515 mm

T1 (S) : 160-175 cm

Saddle stem – Bottom bracket axle : 500 mm

Saddle stem – Fork axle : 530 mm

T2 (M) : 175-190 cm

Saddle stem – Bottom bracket axle : 530 mm

Saddle stem – Fork axle : 545 mm

T3 (L) : 190-205 cm

Saddle stem– Bottom bracket axle : 560 mm

Saddle stem – Fork axle : 565 mm 

Values ​​may vary slightly due to manufacturing tolerances.

fork :

T0, T1, T2, T3

Fork diameter : 28,6 mm (1 1/8’’) 

Hub center distance : 100 mm


We have chosen a carbon designed for premium bikes. Possessing a relatively fine structure, its very high quality allows us to obtain excellent resistance and a very low weight of 1 Kg frame. And 0.5 for the fork, size M.

We use the best carbon fibers that we source from the world's leading manufacturers.

Its front profile allows it to obtain maximum impact resistance (at the fork level) as well as great maneuverability. Its refined back not only gives it aesthetics but also comfort and rigidity. This allows us to offer a product that is both rigid and comfortable for the user, thus combining performance and maneuverability.

The finishing treatments applied to the frame hold up very well? all environmental conditions: heat, cold, rain/humidity, scratches.

These frames are obviously compatible with a wide range of mounting.

We have grouped these assemblies into 2 categories: race and performance, which we will discuss later. The race profile will be adapted to the search for competition and the performance profile which will be more suitable for short outings.

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